Sudeki | Quests


> Main Story Quests

These are Quests that are incorporated into the main story and are automatically given. You must do these in order to continue. They are also in story-order

> Totem Quests

In your journey, you'll find 4 different kinds of totems. They are WOLF, EAGLE, CAT, and DRAGON. These totems can be used to get your ultimate weapons. There are 4 Altars spread throughout Sudeki, each corresponding to their totem counterparts. If you offer a total of 4 totems to each corresponding altar, you'll unearth your ultimate weapons. Only specific characters can offer totems. Below is the list of all totems and their altars. Although optional, these quests are vital to get all the ultimate weapons for the characters.

> Optional Quests

Optional Quests are not necessary to complete the game. However, to add to the fun of the game, and to also earn extra money and items, it would be better to complete as many of these quests as possible.