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     HP: Health Points. Refers to the amount of life each character has, or the amount of damage they can sustain before falling in combat.

SP: Skill Points. Allows characters to perform special moves called Skill Strikes while in combat.

SSP: Spirit Strike Points. Allows characters to call on incarnations of mystical guardians to devastate their foes in combat.

Power: Physical strength. Determines the damage caused by regular attacks.

Essence: Magical strength. Determines the damage or duration of effect caused by Skill Strikes.

XP: Experience Points. Determines level increases. Obtained by completing quests, solving puzzles, and defeating enemies.

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At all times, there is a round display in the upper left corner of the screen which displays the features of the immediate environment. The outlines of the local topography (basically the path that is open to you) will be drawn in blue. There will also be a white arrow around the outside of the circle while you are in the field, indicating the ultimate direction that you need to go in your current quest. This information is based on the current quest. Other features on this map include:

White dot + yellow cone: your current lead character's position and the direction they're facing.

Purple dots: other party characters.

Green dots: Friendly non-player characters.

Red dots: Enemies.

You can also access World Maps through the Main Menu (see below). These maps display the entire region you're currently in. They can be hard to make out, but if you look closely, you can see the entire road system for the region. On these maps, there will also be icons indicating the locations of helpful service outlets:

                            SAVING STATIONS
moving about 02 150   Throughout the worlds of Sudeki, there are Saving Stations. Whenever you see these, save. You never know where the next one is.
As you approach friendly non-player characters, the action indicator will appear, providing you with the option to talk to that character by left-clicking the mouse (or ENTER). They will say what they have to say, both in text and audio format. You can accelerate speech by left-clicking again in the middle of it, but this skips the audio portion. Sometimes, after a character speaks, you will have one or more options with which to respond or prompt the character for further information. Highlight the option you desire by scrolling through points and left-click again to activate it. One of the options will always be to just say goodbye. Talking to characters may be required for a particular quest, may give useful but not absolutely essential information, or may trigger a new side quest. Different quests will be available at different points in the game, too. So if you're in a big rush, you can ignore all passers-by, but it could also be in your interest to talk to every character every time you're in a particular area.

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  Throughout the worlds of Sudeki, there are valuable and useful items to be found. Some of these are restorative items, some are only good for trading with others for cash or yet more valuable items. The different ways to fill your inventory without spending any money are:

Smashing vases/barrels/crates: Left-click when the 'Break' action indicator appears near certain objects.

Opening treasure chests: You know whatever's in these has got to be reasonably good.

Dropped by defeated enemies: In battle, you must move over these earned items to add them to your inventory. But be quick, they disappear after a while.

Gifts from other characters: If you fulfil Quests for others, they will reward you in some way.

    Traders (scales icon): Buy and sell items.

Kamo's Shops (duck in hat icon): Buy and sell items.

Blacksmiths (hammer and anvil icon): Upgrade equipment.

Inns (knife and fork icon): Rest to restore all HP and SP.

    As you approach a door, the action indicator will come up either as 'Locked', in which case you can still left-click to rattle the door (serving no real purpose, however), or as 'Open', allowing you entry. Only the lead character will enter a building while the others wait outside. This is a minor problem if there is a barrier inside that only one character may pass using their individual skills. If you find yourself with the wrong person, go back outside, switch to the right one, and go back inside (unless the right person isn't in your current party, in which case you'll have to return at a later time).
    You can obtain Florins (the currency of Sudeki) in 2 ways: finding some in treasure chests or smashed objects, or by selling valuable items to traders or Kamo.

As for buying, a word of advice: Save your money primarily for equipment upgrades. You can usually pick up enough restorative items in the field to meet your needs, and don't need to spend Florins to purchase these items, though you may occasionally be desperate for a particular type of item, in which case spend away! There are 4 types of locations for you to spend your dough:

Kamo's shops: These franchise locations, found in or near towns, offer a wide variety of restorative items and some weapons for purchase. You can also sell your items here, but Kamo's pretty stingy and won't pay you much.

Traders: Located throughout the world, traders are particularly interested in purchasing your valuable items, but also offer a few items for sale. Each trader has a particular fetish, meaning that they will pay top dollar for a particular type of item, such as animal furs, or precious gems.

Blacksmiths: These skilled tradesmen can imprint mystical runes upon your current armour and weapons, conveying special attack and defence properties. You can also find special runes which any blacksmith will then be able to inscribe. Basic runes are square, while round runes are generally stronger and more expensive.

Inns: These hostels offer rest, restoring the entire party's HP and SP for the meagre price of 25 Florins.

See the Trader section much further down in the guide for details on the prices of all bought and sold items for every shop and trader.

portal 150   At some point in the game, you will have easy access to all the places by means of a portal system. There are Portals situated at certain points in each area and you can zap from place to place in a jiffy.