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menus main 250   Opening this menu (M) shows you the full status of the current character, including their current and maximum HP, current and maximum SP, level, experience, and experience required to reach the next level. You can switch characters on the main menu screen and within any of the sub-menus by pressing the F2 button. Scroll through the sub-menus by scrolling and left-click to open the one that you want. Any options within each sub-menu will be displayed across the bottom of the screen.  
                                                                                             ITEM MENU
menus items 250   This is where you'll find all consumable items. You can use any of them if you need them (i.e. you can't use a HP-restoring item if all characters are at full HP), look at the descriptions of each, or assign them to the Quick shot buttons for rapid access during battle by the relevant number (only 1-4 are available).  menu items icon
menus valuables 250   There are 3 lists here, side by side,

1. items available for trade,

2. equipment runes acquired, and

3. Quest items.

Scroll over each item to see a brief description.

menu valuables icon
menus advancement 250   Here, you can spend available advancement points (acquired by levelling up) as you see fit on Max HP, Max SP, Power, or Essence, or you can learn new Skill Strikes. The points available are shown in the top right corner. The amount each category is raised by is also indicated. If you don't have points to spend, you can still just look at where each character stands. menu advancements icon
menus weapons 250   All weapons for the current character will be displayed. Scroll through them to see their basic stats, inscribed runes and available rune slots.

Press F3 while a weapon is highlighted to see a longer description of its qualities and history.

menu weapons icon
menus armour 250   As each character only owns one set of armour at one time, it will only display the current outfit, along with its inscribed runes and available rune slots. menu armour icon
menus quest log 250   All current quests will be displayed in this menu. Highlight the quest title to read the description of the current task within that quest, which will change as you accomplish each task. Once the quest is complete, it will vanish from the list entirely. menu questlog icon
menus monster.compendium 250   Each monster type that you've defeated will gain a listing in this menu, including a picture of that monster and a description of its abilities and status defences. There will also be a suggested strategy for fighting it. menu monster icon
menus maps 250   The maps available for viewing for each area you've encountered will be listed in one of three columns, divided into different realms: Haskilia, Shadow World and Akloria. Open a map and look closely to make out the road pattern for that area. Not all regions will have maps to accompany them menu map icon
menus options 250   Control various game settings. I won't go into detail; the game tells you what you need to know. Of particular note is the ability to reverse the Y-axis (up/down) on aiming during first-person view, primarily of use in ranged combat. menu options icon
menus quit 250   You can select this option at any time to exit the current game, load a previous file, or return to the most recent save point. You might want to do this if your game is going particularly badly. You will often notice that the sub-menu icons have a "+" character laid over them. This indicates that something new has been added to that menu, such as advancement points available to be allocated, a new weapon or armour listing, new items, or new quest information. menu quit icon