Sudeki | Characters | Blacksmiths & Traders


character jurgen   Jurgen   The trader located on the Path to New Brightwater. He appears on the return journey - after all the Aklorians have been killed.   Furs
character hambos   Hambos   The trader in Parham County   Scales
character mandrik   Mandrik   The trader located on the Path of Mo. Ailish released him from a spell that kept him holed up in a cave. He was pleased to see them and offered good prices.   Gems
character pitt   Pitt   The strange trader/ferryman in the Realm of Shadows. He has a Spirit Orb fetish and in return for 100 of these, he gives the party weapons as payment.   Spirit Orbs
character letchko   Letchko   The trader located on Transentia Road.   None
character olaf   Olaf   The trader located on the Road to Crystal Reef.   Various Items
character kamo   Kamo   The miserly duck trader. Located in all towns.   Profit
character hagren   Hagren   The blacksmith at Illumina Castle.    
character gobbit   Gobbit   The blacksmith at Brightwater Village. His full name is Gobbit Bluehammer    
character riklak   Riklak   The blacksmith at Cyantine Citadel    
character rakali   Raka-Li   The blacksmith at Shadani Village    
character jakob   Jakob "Nuts"   The blacksmith at Transentia City    
character stanton   Stanton Rosse   The blacksmith at Crystal Reef