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character tal main 150      Tal is the strong tank of the team. The most vital stats for him are HP and Power, so try to max them out first. Along the way you should pick up Iron Warrior as early as possible. Near the end of the game, pick up Blade Dance. After that, max out HP and Power if you haven't already done so. Ignore the other stats. Instead, use a lot of orbs that raise SP and Essence for Tal.

Tal's father left the family to pursue a life with the Illumina army, leaving Tal and his brother to be raised by their mother. Unfortunately, war claimed the lives of both mother and brother while Tal was still young. Lacking other role models in his life, he became determined to prove himself to his absentee father by training as an elite soldier. Tal has grown skilful as a swordsman, but is still stung by the loss of strong family ties.


Tal can push and pull large objects to remove barriers in his path. Use this ability on large crates and other objects with handles for grasping.

character tal recruit 150   RECRUIT'S SWORD

Base strength: 15
Critical Hit Rate: 10%
Rune Slots:2 Square
Obtained: Start of Game

This blade is given to recruits to celebrate the successful completion of their first mission. Soldiers take great pride in the symbolism and history this humble weapon evokes.

character tal hukin 150   HUKIN'S FATE

Base strength: 10
Critical Hit Rate: 10%
Rune Slots:1 Circle
Obtained: Nolan's Farm.

A fairly weak-powered weapon, but it has a good critical chance and causes poison on the enemy. When swung, this silvery white sword leaves a trail of green energy. The enraged winged serpent within can do nothing but unleash his anger into the victims of this sword.

character tal mojo 150   MOJO

Base strength: 25
Critical Hit Rate: 5%
Rune Slots:2 Square
Obtained: Brightwater Beach.

A strong sword that has 2 Rune slots for imbuing it with extra power. Upon his retirement, Kazic Lore passed down the blade to his protégé, Carrick, in a sacred ceremony. The fine edge of Mojo didn't fail the new Shaman as he sacrificed a sacred Reptuffalo.

character tal siren 150   SIREN'S SONG

Base strength: 15
Critical Hit Rate: 10%
Rune Slots:1 Circle (filled with Slow), 2 Square
Obtained: Nassaria's Grotto

A standard powered weapon that slows the enemy with every hit. Wsoran gave this blade to his son as a wedding gift. But the prince was betrayed by his new bride, Nassaria. She fled with Siren's Song to her deep-sea grotto, but eventually abandoned this beautiful aqueous sword.

character tal runic 150   RUNIC BLADE

Base strength: 40
Critical Hit Rate: 35%
Rune Slots:3 Circle
Obtained: Kariston Altar Quest

A weapon of truly awesome power with an extreme chance of causing critical damage. Also highly upgradeable. Like that of ist fabled owner, the bite of this beautiful lapis coloured blade is painful, sharp and effective.

character tal mammoth 150   MAMMOTH'S FANG

Base strength: 10
Critical Hit Rate: 10%
Rune Slots:3 Circle (1 filled with Slow)
Obtained: Tree of Woe

A fairly weak weapon, but this causes a long lasting slow status effect on its victims and has good upgrade potential. This weapon boasts a core of obsidian and a blade edge of jagged ice. The sword's bite is cold enough to numb any enemy and its blade sharp enough to cut through stone.

character tal faustian 150   FAUSTIAN BLADE

Base strength: 35
Critical Hit Rate: 10%
Rune Slots:3 Circle
Obtained: Aklorian Stronghold

A very powerful blade with plenty of Rune slots for upgrade potential. You must be a skilled swordsman to use this weapon safely; many a raw recruit has singed eyebrows and lashes while training with this weapon.

character tal chainsword 150   CHAIN SWORD

Base strength: 25
Critical Hit Rate: 15%
Rune Slots:1 Circle, 2 Square
Obtained: Kamo's

A strong powerful sword with several Rune slots, making it highly upgradeable.

character tal preystalker 150   PREYSTALKER

Base strength: 15
Critical Hit Rate: 5%
Rune Slots:1 Circle (filled with Poison), 2 Square
Obtained: Souls for the Ferryman

A standard strength sword that inflicts deadly poison on its victims. The serrated edges of this broadsword deal severe wounds that incapacitate enemies. Two arthropod pincers decorate the hilt and pommel as a tribute to the origin of this sword's power.

character tal agarth 150   AGARTH'S CLEAVER

Base strength: 20
Critical Hit Rate: 15%
Rune Slots:2 Circle (1 filled with Poison), 2 Square
Obtained: Shadowstone Quest

A powerful blade that inflicts the victim with strong poison. This blade was once wielded by Agarth the mechanized Ogre, a failed Transentine experiment. Agarth wandered away from his inventors, spending years wading through swamps and using this blade as a machine.


character tal armour haskilian 150

character tal haskilian 150


Tal's 1st Armour. Standard Haskilian military armour. Tal polishes it every day.
Rune Slots:1
Obtained: Start of Game

character tal armour shadow 150

character tal shadow 150


Tal's 2nd Armour. Shadow-tainted ore from beneath the Black Mountains has been used to make this armour.
Rune Slots: 2
Obtained: Defeat Siege Ogre

character tal 3 150

character tal armour knightly 150


Tal's final Armour. One of the finest suits of Armour ever made, used exclusively by Lady Caprine's bodyguard, and thought lost when the Aklorian Army rebelled.
Rune Slots: 3
Obtained: After defeating Nassaria


Strike SP   Description Quote
IRON WARRIOR 40   Bestows party with Protect status, reducing the damage they receive. Duration depends on Essence. "Stand behind me. I shall not fall!"
"I shall lead us to victory"
WILL OF THE SWORD 10   Creates an energy sphere around Tal, blasting and stunning surrounding enemies "Stand firm!"
SHIN SPLITTER 20   Tal sweeps his sword in an arc, damaging and knocking over enemies "I'll stain the floor with your insides."
"Those that stand before me, die!"
BLADE SPARK 30   Throws an electric spark ahead of him with his sword, damaging opponents "You shall die by my blade here, or there!"
"You shall taste pain.. Blade Spark!"
GEYSER CHARGE 30   Creates an eruption of earth beneath any single target, with unlimited range "The earth and you shall feel my rage!"
BLADE DANCE 75   Tal spins continuously with his sword for a short time, repeatedly damaging enemies. Steer him with the ASDW to target enemies  
Strike SSP   Description Quote
SWORD OF ASHURAN 20   Summon the incarnation of Kariston the wolf to make the earth erupt and devastate all enemies. "I call on Kariston to deliver final judgment!"
MOON WOLF 100   Grant Boost status to all allies and Weaken status to all enemies. "I summon Kariston, protector of the world, slayer of the demons!"