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character buki main 150

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  Buki is an Anthropomorph, a race of half-human half-animal beings sharing the world with humans. Anthropomorphs are highly spiritual creatures, and Buki is no exception. She holds great respect for the mystical world and honours the deities that watch over it. Buki is also a formidable warrior, trained from an early age to defend her people.

Just like Tal, you really don't have to worry about Buki's SP and Essence. She won't need much of it. Just try to max out Buki's power and HP, so she becomes deadly in battle. If you feel her SP and Essence inadequate, give her some orbs.


Buki can use her claws to hang from and scale certain walls that are covered in ivy-like growth. Once attached to a wall, she can move up, down, and sideways to reach otherwise unattainable areas.

character buki shalizeh 150   SHALIZEH

Base strength: 20
Critical Hit Rate: 5%
Rune Slots:3 Square
Obtained: Shadani Temple

A powerful set of claws with more room for upgrades, but little chance of causing a critical hit. The Shadani claim that this set of ancient claws was given to them by Mo the Great Cat to ward off great evil. The fire within them is said to burn as bright and hard as Mo's anger.

character buki jakome 150   JAKOME

Base strength: 20
Critical Hit Rate: 30%
Rune Slots: 1 Circle, 1 Square
Obtained: Souls for the Ferryman

A powerful weapon with an extremely high chance of causing critical hits. A gladiator used Jakome during his years of servitude. When he finally won his freedom, the warrior cast down his claws, and they have passed from hand to hand ever since.

character buki anemomir 150   ANEMOMIR

Base strength: 10
Critical Hit Rate: 15%
Rune Slots:2 Circle (1 filled with Slow)
Obtained: House Rooftop in Crystal Reef

These claws cause a long duration of Slow Effect, and have good upgrade potential. Made in the sea air and cooled in the salty rich water off the coast of Crystal Reef, this set of claws has retained much of the sea's nature. The blades curve and roll like the motions of the sea.

character buki pathosis 150   PATHOSIS

Base strength: 15
Critical Hit Rate: 5%
Rune Slots:2 Circle (1 filled with Poison),1 Square
Obtained: Fallen Warrior's Skull

Given by an ancient warrior when placing his skull finally in its resting place at the Realm of Shadows. A strong weapon that causes deadly poison on contact with an enemy. The skulls of 2 demon twins form these bone claws. Their malignance infects all who are sliced.

character buki mephiticus 150   MEPHITICUS

Base strength: 10
Critical Hit Rate: 10%
Rune Slots: 1 Circle (filled with Poison), 2 Square
Obtained: Kamo's Shop

A standard-strength weapon that causes poison on its victim. Has a fair chance of causing critical damage.

character buki melakorka 150   MELAKORKA

Base strength: 25
Critical Hit Rate: 20%
Rune Slots:2 Square
Obtained: Fountain Room in Shadani Temple

This very strong weapon also has a good chance of dealing critical hits. Elco originally designed these industrial strength claws as an enticement for Buki to relinquish her tribe's crystal for use in his Peace Shield. But Elco soon realised that such intrigue was beneath her.

character buki veshchenega 150   VESHCHENEGA

Base strength: 10
Critical Hit Rate: 15%
Rune Slots:1 Circle (1 filled with Slow),1 Square
Obtained: Road to Transentia

These claws inflict a short lived Slow on enemies, and have a very high chance of causing critical hits. Maintaining unearthly cold temperatures, the crystalline blades quickly freeze any unfortunate foe who's caught in their path.


character buki armour tribal 150

character buki tribal 150


Buki's 1st Armour. Fine soft leather is used in this armour. It offers moderate protection, but allows a freedom of movement that aids the Shadani Combat style.

Rune Slots: 1
Obtained: Start of Game

character buki armour mist 150

character buki misttiger 150


Buki's 2nd Armour. Made from the cured hides of Mist Tigers, strange and elusive Beasts that were hunted to extinction.

Rune Slots: 2
Obtained: On finding the Navigation Stone in The Realm of Shadows

character buki coelacanth 2 150

character buki coelacanth 150


Buki's 3rd and final Armour. Mail from the scales of the great Coelacanth fish. Like liquid metal, the scales are as tough as the strongest steel but move like fine silk.

Rune Slots: 3
Obtained: Transentia Research Centre, Processing Room.


SPIRIT WIND 50   Grant regeneration status to entire party, slowly restoring their HP. "The spirits guide this wind to us. Breathe deep, my friends."
"The great eagle watches over us. We are honoured indeed."
PATH OF THE WARRIOR 80   Slows down time for everyone except Buki, allowing her to move among enemies and kill them with ease. "You will see things no one else can see, do things no one else can do."
"Only a focused spirit can walk the path of a warrior."
CLAWED FRENZY 35   Slash foes with her claws in a furious attack affecting an arc ahead of her. "I will shred your flesh, and tear your very soul asunder."
"My claws will taste blood, then they shall feast on your bones."
STORM KICK 25   Start a continuous spinning kick that repeatedly damages foes. Steer her with the L stick. "When I attack, even the heavens scream."
"I am the one!"
ASILAS THE WOLF 40   Summon this animal guardian to fight with you, attacking and distracting enemies. "My savage friend, your skills are needed."
DRAGONFIRE 60   Send a blast of fiery dragon's breath in a line across the field. "A dragon's rage is second only to Mo, the great cat."
"Writhe in agony! The serpent fang bites deep."
Strike SSP   Description Quote
FIRE AND ICE 200   Summon the incarnation of Mo, the great cat, who burns then freezes the land, destroying all foes "Spirit of the fiery beast, release your fury on unclean souls!"
BLESSING OF MO 100   Bestows protect status on the entire party while inflicting all enemies with curse status. "Spirit of my ancestor, come forth and rage in battle once more."
"Great Mo, return to the world and fight with me."