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character ailish main 150

character ailish skill 150

    Ailish must have adequate SP to cast her magic, so give her some, but not too many. Remember the velocity rules, she won't need so many SP at the beginning of the game, so we better make another use for it. Raise her Power first so she can do some damage in battle. You don't have to think much about HP because she won't need much of it (as she is hard to get hit in battle), beside that, we will be using Orbs of Vigor to raise her HP, so don't worry about it. In short, max out her Power and Essence, give enough HP and SP. And give her some Orbs of Power. Ailish is the daughter of the Queen of Haskilia and grew up in luxury in Illumina Castle. She has also been blessed with magic abilities almost unmatched in the realm. Despite the tight control of her life, this sultry sorceress is a free spirit, and won't hesitate to go off on adventures against her mother's wishes, consequences be damned. She has admired Tal for his physical, uh, prowess, for some time, often watching him practice his swordplay from the castle balconies. She lacks friends of the same station in life, but has developed a somewhat unequal relationship with her servant, Yemi.

WEAPON: Magic staffs

Ailish can see objects invisible to others, and make certain objects vanish or appear at will. To use this ability, look for areas with fluttering yellow fairies. Examine the area in first-person View (F or V), then left click to make the object appear or disappear.

character ailish royalscepter 150   ROYAL SCEPTER

Base strength: 16
Critical Hit Rate: 5%
Rune Slots:2 Square
Firing Rate: Fast
Obtained: Start of Game

A rapid firing weapon that causes a small amount of damage with each shot. Denied the original Illumina Regal Scepter by her mother, Empress Tiffion, Lusica created her own when she became regent as well as this one for Ailish.

character ailish xuric 150   XURIC'S SHOCKSTAFF

Base strength: 50
Critical Hit Rate: 10%
Rune Slots:1 Square
Firing Rate: Medium
Obtained: Start of Game

A short range, but high powered weapon that takes a few seconds to re-charge. Powered by pure magic, the results of this staff are often erratic. Rippling waves of electricity can shoot in every direction.

character ailish wizardwood 150   WIZARDWOOD STAVE

Base strength: 70
Critical Hit Rate: 5%
Rune Slots:2 Square
Firing Rate: Slow
Obtained: Dean's Office, Transentia

Fires a very high-powered bolt that penetrates whole lines of enemies. Takes a while to recharge after each shot. Fashioned by the elderly wizards of Illumina, the Wizardwood Stave is made of four intertwined strips of material (metal, wood, crystal and leafy vine) and channels the energy of the natural world.

character ailish nightshadow 150   NIGHTSHADOW

Base strength: 48
Critical Hit Rate: 10%
Rune Slots:2 Circle, 1 Square
Firing Rate: Fast
Obtained: Olivitess Altar Quest

A very rapid weapon that deals a large amount of damage – a very powerful weapon. This staff is also known as "The Lifestealer" because it was once thought to suck the soul from its victims, gathering their essence to its core to enhance its malevolent magic.

character ailish chilltip 150   CHILLTIP CANE

Base strength: 30
Critical Hit Rate: 5%
Rune Slots: Circle (filled with Slow), 2 Square
Firing Rate: Medium
Obtained: Crystal Reef

A steady firing weapon that slows anything it hits. Causes minimal damage. Made from petrified wood this cane is bound with cold-forged iron and holds a glowing blue ice diamond as its crowning focus point. The jewel's facetted edged splits magical energy to blast sprays of magical ice into victims.

character ailish histanica 150   HISTANICA

Base strength: 10
Critical Hit Rate: 5%
Rune Slots:1 Circle (filled with Curse), 1 Square
Firing Rate: Medium
Obtained: Kamo's Shop

This staff curses the enemy making them take double normal damage. Very powerful if use correctly.

character ailish batholith 150   BATHOLITH

Base strength: 60
Critical Hit Rate: 10%
Rune Slots:2 Square
Firing Rate: Slow
Obtained: Souls for the Ferryman

A high-powered explosive weapon that takes a while to recharge. Enemies face the vengeance of this seismic earth when they face this staff. Its tip is a cauldron of scorching flame that emits the force of ancient volcanic processes.


character ailish armour silkdress 150

character ailish silkdress 150


Ailish's 1st Armour. Made From fine enchanted silk, this expensive dress could only be afforded by a princess.
Rune Slots: 1
Obtained: Start of Game

character ailish armour witch 150

character ailish witcharmour 150


Ailish's 2nd Armour. This armoured suit was made by Warlocks of Lyre to be worn by the female members of their military order.
Rune Slots: 2
Obtained: Woluf Valley

character ailish armour seraphitic 150

character ailish seraphitic 150


Ailish's 3rd and Final Armour. Due to Aklorian attacks, Lusica requested suits of body armour to protect her and her daughter. This is one of the first prototypes.
Rune Slots: 3
Obtained: Transentia Road

Strike SP Description Quote
WITCH'S KISS 40 Bless the entire party with healing energy, restoring some HP. "This one's just for you."
"You can't resist my healing kiss."
BLAZE BALL 30 Generate a fireball and blast it forward through enemy ranks. "Burn in hell, you fiends!"
"You will burn in the inferno."
SHADOW NEXUS 75 Revive any defeated allies and restore some HP to the entire party. "From the depth of the void comes the pain of the fallen."
CELESTIAL CIRCLE 60 Create a field of holy power to damage surrounding enemies. "Fiends, leave this world!"
"Get back, or I'll toast your soul."
GAZE OF THE WIND 45 Grant Haste status onto all party members. Duration depends on Essence stat. "Always one step ahead."
"Come on people, pick up the pace."
PERMAFORCE 80 Drop surrounding air to sub-zero temperatures, damaging and causing freeze status to monsters. "I'll freeze the hearts of those that fight against me."
"I'll chill your flesh and break your frozen hearts."
Strike SSP Description Quote
PURE LAND 200 Summons the incarnation of Olivitess the eagle to freeze the terrain and devastate all opponents. "Olivitess, queen of light, banish those who assail us!"
SPIRIT FLUTE 100 Revive any fallen members and bless party with the power of regeneration. "Olivitess, entrust us with your power in our fight against evil."