Black Mirror 3 – Final Fear


This is a third person point and click game.

The main menu has new game, load game, options, extras, credits, the team and quit game.

The options menu has:

  • Gfx option has Gamma, screen resolution, screen refresh rate and gfx quality selections.
  • Sfx option has master, music, speech, sfx-cutscene and ambient volume selections.
  • Game option has standard cursor, software cursor, speech bubbles, additional game help, show tips, hardware cursor, mouse pointer and activate hotspot indicator selections.
  • Save the changes using the save selection at bottom of the screen.

black mirror 3 main menuMain Menublack mirror 3 options graphicOptions - Graphicsblack mirror 3 save gameSave Game

Extras have the pictures, videos and mini-games already viewed during gameplay. I have not explored on how to unlock the pictures.

  • Move the cursor to the top right of the screen to access 4 icons: magnifying lens to access the hotspots; disk to save-load menu, BM to access in-game menu and diary.
  • The in-game menu is accessed by pressing the ESC key or the MB icon at top right of screen. Back, menu, load game, save game, options and quit selections are seen.
  • The save page shows the picture of the location. The title of the saved game can be entered after pressing the save button. Then press the green arrow below it. The saved games can be deleted by clicking on the torn paper icon at left of the frame. Saved games can be overwritten.
  • The diary has Darren's journal and tasks to do.
  • To learn about a collected item in inventory bar at bottom of screen, right mouse click the item.
  • Right click of an inventory items can activate it for use.

Helpful Hints:

  • New diary entry is alerted by a flashing book icon at top left. The diary is accessed by using the icon at top right or by the D or J key.
  • To see all the hotspots in the screen, press the space bar or H key or the hotspot icon at top right of the screen.
  • The items in the screen that are for information only are deactivated after clicking-learning about them.
  • Right click on a character to get information about them.
  • The tab key skips cutscenes. ESC key skips the introduction.
  • After the location has been accessed by going there, you can 'jump to' that location in the map.
  • When additional help is selected at the game options, all mini-puzzles have a skip choice after time is spent on the puzzles. The mini-games can be replayed using the extras at main menu.
  • You can die in this game - save often. There is an autosave when you die also.