Louvre - The Final Curse

The Messenger is yet another French adventure game brought to the United States by DreamCatcher Games. It has a promising premise. You play as Morgan Sinclair, an operative who must break into the Louvre and steal the Four Keys of Satan, relics that when used together can bring about the end of the world. That's not the strong part. What's interesting is that you must explore the Louvre in four different time periods to find the keys, and the chance to visit the same location at distinct moments is a unique one.

You get to explore the Louvre in four different time periods

In the wake of Thief: The Dark Project, the cat burglar premise has become more common in games. The Messenger borrows less from that game than it does from Traitors Gate, another DreamCatcher game that let you explore a historic location (the Tower of London) with the intention of robbing it blind. Traitors Gate had the sort of continuity that is crucial to story-driven adventure games. Unfortunately, The Messenger lacks this continuity, and as a result the puzzles are confusing, and the protagonist comes off as a sort of confused sociopath.

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