Keepsake, from developer Wicked Studios and publisher The Adventure Company, is great in many regards. The development team hit the nail on the head with so many aspects that it is surprising Keepsake, in the end, doesn't quite make the cut. This is due to the fact that it feels like two completely different games, one great and one not. The first half is well-written with great puzzles. When I was near the end of the first half, I actually thought I was almost done with the game entirely. However, I wasn't. There was an entire second half to go and what I found there included impossibly difficult puzzles that didn't make sense most of the time. By the time I was 3/4 into Keepsake, I was just annoyed, but I wanted to see the ending so I persevered. And as good as the ending is, I was far too frustrated with the puzzles and other problems in the second half of the game to really care all that much. Keepsake is a great example of a game that if you only play halfway through, you will probably love it. If you play it all the way through, well, you will use the hint system a lot just to get to the end.

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